International Trade issue & Political economy policies

Your term project is an integrative summary of SEVEN short papers or journal articles.  These papers may be from the academic literature or current news on International Trade Issues and Political Economy policies from anywhere in the world.

The Term Paper should be no longer than 10 pages, 12 point font, double spaced. A penalty will be imposed for not adhering to the page limit. You are required to summarize 7 journal articles or papers selected from the following topics: Trade Policies, Economic Analysis, Economic Historical Analysis, Trade Conflicts, Regional Arrangements, International Diplomacy and International Political Economy Perspectives.

The term paper should begin with a Summary section that describes how each of the 7 papers are related to each other. Following the Summary should be an annotated bibliography of the 7 papers stating the authors, title of the article and where it is published, followed by a summary of each paper. See the sample term paper project posted below. You must adhere to the stated format else you will be penalized.


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