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iPhone Icon Pack represents a collection of five beautiful and high-quality icons (ICO format) inspired by iPhone devices, along with their corresponding PNG files.
The icons can be easily assigned to items by types of users, even the ones with little or no experience in software applications, thanks to the intuitive Windows built-in options.
The pack caters to all Apple fans who want to personalize their application icons, files or folders on the computer, in order to make them look like iPhone screens of various themes.
The icons’ size ranges from 108KB to 114KB, and they have a 128×128 resolution. The size of the PNG images is between 29.5KB and 166KB, and they have a 512×512 height and width.
You can use specialized programs, like Greenfish Icon Editor Pro, to make adjustments to the PNG and ICO files, such as cropping them to match your preferences, or changing the contrast, brightness and hue levels.
In addition, the icon pack includes a PSD file, in order to change the wallpaper of your iPhone’s screen. All in all, iPhone Icon Pack is clearly an icon collection that addresses Apple users and enthusiasts. Too bad it doesn’t contain additional pictures.


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– 5, iPhone-inspired icons, designed by top icon designers:
+ Accent, Apple Watch App, Apple Watch, Apple Watch Series 2, Apple Watch Series 3, Apple Watch Series 4, Apple Watch Series 5, Apple Watch, Apple iPhone 1, Apple iPhone 2, Apple iPhone 3, Apple iPhone 4, Apple iPhone 4S, Apple iPhone 5, Apple iPhone 5C, Apple iPhone 5S, Apple iPhone 6, Apple iPhone 6S, Apple iPhone 7, Apple iPhone 7 Plus, Apple iPhone 8, Apple iPhone 8 Plus, Apple iPhone X, Apple iPhone 11, Apple iPhone XS, Apple iPhone XR, Apple iPhone XS Max, Apple iPhone XR Max, Apple iPhone X, Apple iPhone Xs, Apple iPhone Xs Max, Apple iPhone Xr, Apple iPhone Xr Max, Apple iPhone X, Apple iPhone Xr.
+ Two different backgrounds: Apple apps and iOS.
+ Two versions of each icon (one for retina and another with standard size).
+ One PSD file with all icons.
+ One 300 dpi PNG, in case you want to use an image editor to change the size, color saturation, brightness and contrast of the icons.
+ In case you want to change the images (and the corresponding PNG) to the sizes, resolutions and other parameters of your own choice.
+ In case you want to generate a unique icon set for your own brand or website.
+ In case you need a designer to change the icon to the perfect size and resolution, or create icons that perfectly fit the iOS designed ones.
+ In case you want to place some images or text between the icons.
+ A wallpaper in JPEG format.
+ A vector PDF file, the vector file format is clean and well organized, allowing you to easily edit the images and layouts in any vector editor.
+ A high-quality, well-packaged icon collection for all iPhone users.
+ A combination of both high-resolution icons and a low-resolution background.
– All icons have a 100% vector export in Illustrator and EPS format.
– You can re-size, crop and color-correct the icons as you wish.
– All the icons are placed inside high-resolution PNG files so that you can see the icons’ details, like shadows and reflections and so on.
– Everything is provided in the following formats:
– ICO (Icon) format (128×128 resolution).
– PNG (Portable Network Graphics

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• Includes the following iPhone-inspired graphics, in the PNG and ICO formats:
• All icons in iPhone theme.
• All icons in iOS 7 theme.
• All icons in iOS 9 theme.
• All icons in iOS 10 theme.
• All icons in iOS 11 theme.
• All icons in iOS 12 theme.
• All icons in iOS 13 theme.
• And their corresponding PNG files, with resolutions:
• 128×128
• 114×114
• 108×108
• 102×102
• 128×128
• 114×114
• 108×108
• 102×102
• 128×128
• 114×114
• 108×108
• 102×102
• 128×128
• 114×114
• 108×108
• 102×102
• 320×412
• 284×284
• 268×268
• 252×252
• 272×272
• 416×568
• 432×432
• 416×416
• 472×752
• 508×710
• 512×512
• 512×512
• 540×812
• 572×924
• 576×576
• 576×576
• 608×960
• 632×1136
• 656×924
• 656×1296
• 656×1696
• 688×1296
• 688×2048
• 856×1296
• 848×2048
• 1056×2048
• 1152×2048
• 1296×2048
• 1368×2048
• 1488×2048
• 1512×2048
• 1576×2048
• 1664×2048
• 2048×2048
Note: If you wish to use all of the icons in one app, make sure to make the selection on the “Preview” tab on the picture gallery. Note: This will take a long time.
What’s in the iPhone Icon Pack?
• 5 PNG files, with file sizes ranging from 30.5KB to 166KB, and resolution sizes ranging from 512×512 to 768×768 pixels.
• 5 ICO files with the following sizes:
• Icon sizes range from 108KB to 114KB.
• Resolution sizes range from 512×512 to 768×768 pixels.
File Size
In the download ZIP, you

IPhone Icon Pack

iPhone Icon Pack includes the following items:
– PNG: all available iPhone screens
– ICO: all available iPhone screens
iPhone Icon Pack Usage:
These are the supported iPhone devices:
– iPhone 3GS
– iPhone 4
– iPhone 4S
– iPhone 5 (Black)
– iPhone 5 (White)
– iPhone 5C (Black)
– iPhone 5C (White)
For a preview of the icon pack, please refer to the installation instructions below. If you’d like to see additional pictures included in the pack, then you can check out the previews section for a full list of all icons included in this collection.
Installation Instructions:
You can download the package using the link below, open it and drag and drop the files into the applications folder. After that, you can assign the icons to your desired files or folders using the built-in Windows options.
iPhone Icon PackPDDL
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What’s New in the?

– More than 5 icons at your disposal;
– Various shapes and aspects in order to match various needs;
– Patterned icons;
– Approximately the same dimensions, equal to iPhone 3GS, which is 108×108 pixels;
– Preview of the set in Photoshop;
– Easy to assign.
More suitable programs that allow you to edit or customize iOS icons:
Greenfish Icon Editor Pro:
IconFast is your personal icon collection!
For your desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet or other personal computing device, IconFast gives you access to more than 1,000,000 desktop icons in over 500 categories, including common icon sets and themes, basic items and operating system icons.
You can find the icons you need, including both the vector and raster versions of icons.
The result? Personalize your desktop in a matter of seconds!
IconFast offers a user-friendly interface for creating and editing icons, allowing you to select any icon, symbol or theme and add it to your set.
• Whatever type of icons you want, it can be found in our collection.
• Organize your icons by tag, category or you can create your own folders and sub-folders.
• Edit your icons in different ways: copy, rotate, flip, crop, resize, rotate, move, add, remove, replace, create a new folder, see your icons in large size and much more.
• It’s easy to share your icons with others. You can export icons as ZIP files, so that you can send them to your friends.
• You can download an icon as PNG or JPG.
• IconFast is free and easy to use. No downloads or registration are needed.
IconPack is made by Xilisoft
IconPack is a collection of six beautiful and high-quality icons (ICO format), perfectly suited for Mac users.
Most of them are for OS X Lion, but the pack can also work on Snow Leopard and other versions of OS X.
The icons are available for Mac OS X as a native icon theme, so they won’t replace your theme, but instead they will appear as a new set of icons for your OS X desktop.
The pack includes six icons:
– Download Information;
– Mailbox Icon;
– MapIcon;
– Music Icon;
– Weather Icon;

System Requirements:

Supported: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7
Mac OSX 10.9.4+
Nintendo 3DS XL
Internet Connection
Please allow up to 10 hours to play


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