KFC’s marketing strategy in China

Apply the idea of “STEPPS” when you analyze the KFC marketing strategy in China, you can find the idea of
“STEPPS” from this website “https://www.pressboardmedia.com/magazine/viral-content-stepps”, you do not
need to incorporate them all, the best way is to focus on several points and explain how KFC uses those idea
for its marketing strategy in China. (DO NOT explain what STEPPS is)
-Be specific and detailed, I do not want all general datas and big ideas. I want specific marketing strategy for
KFC, feel free to compare how KFC is different between North America market and Chinese market.
-need the thesis and supportive argument.

Sample Solution

The post KFC’s marketing strategy in China appeared first on nursing writers.


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The post KFC’s marketing strategy in China first appeared on nursing writers.

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