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Please submit your assignment electronically through Turnitin in Blackboard – failure to submit, or late submissions without an authorised extension, will be considered as non-submission and you will receive a mark of zero. Your assignment will be checked for plagiarism. Further details on how to submit electronically can be found on the Law School Admin Blackboard site. Please note: At your first submission, you have the opportunity to review your submission – until you have clicked submit you have not submitted. Your second submission will be your final submission and you are therefore strongly encouraged to ensure this is the final and best version of your assignment. When resubmitting, ensure that you fill in exactly the same submission data to ensure that your previous submission is overwritten.

You should put your UB number on every page of your work. Please note that the assignment will NOT be returned to you and you should therefore keep a copy for your records.

Word limit: no more than 3,000 words

Weighting – 70% of the total marks

Law in the United Kingdom


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