Leadership vs Management and Personality Models Paper

The final assignment in this course is a 7 to 9-page paper following the guidelines below, to be double-spaced and using 12-point font (Arial or Times New Roman). Use the APA Template attached above. Be sure to cite your sources, which at a minimum should be the textbook. Other sources that we used throughout the course should be included and cited as relevant to the topics you choose. There is no need to provide additional sources beyond these. Don’t forget to include your sources in the References list at the end of your paper.
Part 1 of 2: We have studied a broad range of leadership topics over the past seven weeks. For the final Leadership Paper, please select five of the topics we have covered that resonate with you and your professional and personal experiences. For each of the five topics you select:
1.Identify what you learned and apply what you understand about the topic to either yourself or an individual/leader whom you admire
2.Describe one or more specific examples or situations involving you or the admired individual that demonstrate or relate to the selected topic
3.Discuss your understanding of and ability to use this knowledge moving forward
4.Aim for one page for each of the five topics.
Part 2 of 2: In one to two pages, the conclusion of the paper should apply lessons from this course to your own professional leadership experience, including how you will use this knowledge to enhance your own effectiveness as a leader.
a.Briefly define what you see as your own leadership style(s)
b.Based on your identified leadership style, articulate at least one professional objective related to leadership that you will pursue as a result of your studies in this course
c.Be sure to include a date by which you hope to achieve the professional goal.
Examples of potential topics you may use to select for your five topics include the following. This is not a complete list, as any leadership-related topic that is covered in the textbook is acceptable.
Leadership vs. Management
Contingency Approaches to Leadership
Autocratic vs. Democratic Behaviors
(e.g., Big Five)
Leader-Member Exchange
Emotional Intelligence
Moral Leadership
Servant Leadership
Cognitive Differences (e.g., Hermann’s Whole Brain Model)
Motivation Theories (e.g., Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory)
Role of Empowerment
Communication Models and Practices
Leading Teams
Influential Leadership Models (e.g., Transformational Leadership)
Role of Power
Cultural Leadership
Levels of Personal Diversity Awareness
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