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Assignment Definition:
Use the data model you designed in earlier (ERD Diagram Definition). This data model will be reviewed and taken from the conceptual model to logical model status.
Conceptual data modeling is about understanding the organization – getting the right requirements built into the database design.
Logical data modeling is about creating stable database structures – expressing the organizational requirements correctly in a technical language so that the resulting database operates on a specific type of database technology.
Make sure you define the following:

All entities and relationships among them.
Specify all attributes for each entity.
Specify the primary key for each entity.
Specify Foreign keys (keys identifying the relationship between different entities).
Review data model to make sure data model is in at least 3rd normal form (as defined by the normalization process).
Create a logical data model of the scenario used in document below.

The ERD diagram has been added below for your reference.
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