lp03 2 assignment research paper rough draft

LP03.2 Assignment: Research Paper Rough Draft

Expectations for Rough Draft:
The rough draft does not have to be full-length, but should be more than a mere outline and should be several pages. It should also include the following elements:
• A title page in APA format.
• An abstract page in APA format? (You can actually write the abstract later, but at least make a spot for it.)
• THIS IS IMPORTANT: Cite sources in APA parenthetical format as you write. You must back up anything that isn’t common knowledge with a citation to a source. You should average about one source citation per paragraph of content. DO NOT plan to go back and cite your sources later; do it as you write.
• Have at least 3 or 4 pages of content (not just an outline).
• Have a reference page that has at least a partial list of your sources referenced in APA format. You will need at least 6 scholarly sources. Remember, you cannot cite more than 1 or 2 credible websites. Review the Finding Credible Websites tutorial before you use any websites in your research.
• Have margins, page number headings, line spacing, etc., in APA format. (It’s better to start out in APA format than try to fix it later.)

Submit this assignment to your instructor via the dropbox “LP03.2 Assignment: Research Paper Rough Draft.” This assignment is worth 50 points.


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