managing a retail business

Put together a 5-paragraph paper based on Part #5 Managing a Retail Business


You have just graduated from LA Harbor College with a degree in Retail Management. You are a new hire of a major grocery store chain. The store’s General Manager hired you as management trainee to be a department manager in a few years.

He asked you to rotate in three areas of the store – Human Resources (Ch11), Financial Operations (Ch12),Operations(13) , spending at least 4 months in each department. At the end of one year, the general manager would like you to identify 1 major problem (area of improvement ) in each department and make suggestions on improving.


Paragraph 1- Major problem/area of improvement in Human Resources and suggest a solution.

Paragraph 2 – Major problem/area of improvement in Finance and suggest a solution.

Paragraph 3 – Major problem/area of improvement in Operations Management and suggest a solution.

Paragraph 4 – Which area/department would you most like to work in if the choice was given to you and explain your answer.

Paragraph 5 – Which area would you least like to working and explain why.


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