Marketing Business Plan 19874323

This is the SWOT analysis I did from week 2:
SWOT Matrix
1.Offering Customization to customers (product differentiation)
2.Outstanding Customer Service
3.Growing demand for natural products
4.Lower side Affects of Aphrodisiac Oils compared to oral sexual wellness supplements
5. Competitively priced according to industry pricing
1.Brand awareness
2.Not approved by FDA
3.Ingredient transparency
4.Perfume/liquids are considered hazards in the mail system-special shipping required.
5. Sold online in start-up so individuals cannot smell before buying
1.Growth through independent representatives
2. Subscription program for new scents each month
3.Advertising with social media technology and google ads
4. Opening a store front or some form of live interaction
5.Membership opportunities for loyal customers
Company Description:
My company places emphasis on sexual enrichment. The libido strengthening properties of certain aphrodisiac essential oils have a permanent place in the market. I will bring something new to the market and/or fill the gaps in current offerings by blending various organic and essential oils specifically formulated to enhance arousal. POTION 69 is for all phases of adult life, designed to support human pleasure and sexual wellness.
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