marketing report 4

use the attach report to write an Interim Report in two pages you don’t have to write an introduction nor conclusion , You should employ headings and subheading to divide sections. Write in prose rather than in outline or memo form.

My firm name is ( Toucans) there are other competitor firm in the report, and my product is any product name start with T for example ( top,tone,…)

in attach there is a world file I had wrote some point you have to change it to paragraph and add to it

2. Company Assessment ( Toucans)

(a) Discuss your initial market position – strengths and weaknesses (as of period 2)

(b) Discuss your current market position (as of period 4)

(c) Assess your products and product mix (as of period 4)

(d) What is your firm’s competitive advantage (as of period 4)


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