marketing research 30

Go to the Doi Chaang Coffee website at Explore the website and learn more about the product. Doi Chaang Coffee is a B.C based /Thai Coffee company named after a rural village in the hills of north eastern Thailand. They have a unique, strategic partnership with Doi Chaang Coffee farmers, the Akha Hill Tribe. The partnership is a 50/50 business model and over the past ten years the partnership has been extremely successful. The Akha village is now fully self sufficient and the business model has evolved into a strategic partnership where Thailand continues to focus on cultivation, processing and sales in Asia, while in BC, financing, marketing, roasting and distribution is handled for the North American and UK markets.

Visit the Library or research the Internet. I . Conduct background research on the industry. Support your research with the following:

a) Find two articles from magazines, newspapers, or the Internet on the Doi Chaang Coffee Company written in the past 2-3 years. (Attach copies or a link to the articles and a brief synopsis of the articles 1 page)

b)Develop a Media Plan and select the media for an Advertising campaign for Doi Chaang Coffee for the next year. Which types of media will you use and why? Include a chart that shows the Advertising Schedule to be used each month. Explain the rationale for your promotional campaign. Be sure to include the advertising objective of your campaign (1 pages)


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