Case Study for Nicohwilliam Unit VIII Case Study/ The General Duty Clause
June 21, 2017
How existentialism influenced 20th century humanities
June 21, 2017

MBL926S- Which statement correctly describes the relationship between philosophical
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Which statement correctly describes the relationship between philosophical ethics and ethos?
A. Individuals who obey the conventions, mores, and rules of their cultures are already acting ethically and thus no further philosophical reflection is required.
B. Philosophical ethics distinguishes what people do value from what they should value.
C. What people do value and should value are, for all practical purposes, the same.
D. Philosophical ethics is too abstract to be useful in everyday life situations. Following the mores and customs of one’s culture is a more dependable way to make moral decisions.
Question 2 of 30
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Many companies start ethics programmes to _________ the coordination of ethics initiatives. A. control
B. manage
C. centralize
D. review
Question 3 of 30
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Who are organisational stakeholders?
A. Employees
B. Government
C. Customers
D. Community
E. Providers of finance
F. All of the above
Question 4 of 30
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____________________refers to the method by which a firm is governed, directed, administered or controlled and to the goals for which it is being governed.
A. Corporate governance
B. Corporate sustainability
C. Legitimacy
D. The proxy process
Question 5 of 30
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Which of the following functional areas of business has primary responsibility for a firm’s total revenue and should thus not ‘greenwash’ as a façade to fool stakeholders?
A. Accounting
B. Finance
C. Marketing
D. Human resources


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