Media Post

This week’s discussion prompt:

We have reached Week Ten of our course, and would like to use this last discussion forum to give you an opportunity to reflect back on the class. For a variety of reasons, this has been a very different and often challenging quarter for both students and faculty, but we have done what we can to give you an overview of the vast and constantly changing arenas of media and culture.

The course has provided an overview of the importance of media in a digital world, and the interplay of structural constraints and agencyrelated to technology and economics of media, the media industryand political influences on media, as well as professionals who work in media.  We have also looked at media content, exploring issues of ideology in both news and entertainment media, as well as examining users as audience members and creators, audience interpretationsand the impact of media use.  Our final topic is globalization of media, including the global expansion of media and communication networks worldwide, issues of global media impact including theories of cultural imperialism, and the greater accessibility of media products and the internet in countries and cultures around the world.

In your post, please answer the following questions:

  • In your opinion, what have been the two most interesting and significant issues that we have explored in the course?  Why?
  • What are implications or potential applications of the course material on media & culture in your other courses or in your own life?
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