Module 2 Assignment:

    • Use the 5-factor model of personality (CANOE) and a 5 point likert scale to assess and describe your personality. Assume that your immediate supervisor has a personality profile that is directly opposite to your personality profile. Provide 4 reasons why such self-assessments and supervisor assessments are important for the effective management of employees. Provide 4 strategies/ approaches that you could adopt to effectively “manage” such major personality differences between you and your hypothetical supervisor
    • Organizational challenges associates with perceptual distortions and perceptual biases can negatively influence important organizational activities such as performance evaluations. Specifically taking your selected organization into account, highlight and describe 4 practical and important perception related organizational activities/ issues that top managers in your selected organization should seriously take a critical look at. Identify one specific way in which your selected organization could improve upon each of the 4 perception-related issues you have identified.

    Please continue with Module 2, the Module 1 assignment is in attached file, the organization that I picked is Apple company.
    No less than three pages, please write as much as possible.


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