Module 2: Discussion Forum

Find an example of marketing research in a newspaper article or trade journal, such as The Wall Street Journal, Advertising Age, Marketing News, Business Week, or Forbes. You might look, for example, for statistics from a survey reporting on the quantity of certain actions or one that reports findings from a qualitative study on how people feel about an issue or subject. As an example, there is a great deal of current research on the ways in which social media are used. In this study, if you were to take a quantitative approach, you might examine how many businesses use Pinterest or another social media site to market consumer goods. In a qualitative approach, you might examine how CEOs think about the future of Pinterest as a marketing tool.

The CSU-Global Library is a good place to look for your article. Check within the Marketing section.

  • Describe the context for the research and identify the research problem.
  • Discuss the research method that was used to gather data for the problem.
  • Evaluate whether the choice of research method was appropriate and ethical, and share why you think it was or was not the correct method.
  • Provide two additional sources to back up your evaluation.
  • Cite the source, the URL of the newspaper article or trade journal article, where you located the marketing research.

Comment on at least two of your classmates’ findings. Visit the URL they posted and offer up your ideas and evaluation in your response to them.


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