Module 5

A.  Yvonne was recently appointed to a position as a nurse educator in her community hospital.  Her background includes being a staff nurse and a unit educator at a different facility.  In this new role, Yvonne has been assigned to develop a new training course for hospital volunteers.  Yvonne recognizes that this is a challenge because of the diversity of the volunteers.  The volunteers range from high school age to senior citizens, with greatly varied levels of education and comfort with technology.

Yvonne considers what she knows about learning theories and principles of learning to start planning the training.


A1.  Identify at least 3 issues that Yvonne must consider in planning for this class.


A2.  For each issue, identify an appropriate theory or content to guide or support Yvonne’s actions. 


A3.  What steps do you think Yvonne should consider, and how will the theories that you selected support her actions?   


 A4.  What indicators, i.e. criteria, should you plan to assess to evaluate the success of your plan?


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