Mother Tongue


Did you meet the following requirements:


Does the introduction begin with a hook to draw readers in?
Does the introduction sufficiently introduce the topic while remaining specific enough to go beyond what readers likely already know but not too specific for an introduction?
Does the content of the introduction do a good job transitioning from the hook to the thesis statement?
Does the introduction end in a strong thesis statement, a single sentence that captures the main idea of the essay (in this case your primary response claim[s])?
Is the introduction roughly 5-7 sentences (not too short a stub but not too long either)?
Body Paragraphs

Does the essay contain several body paragraphs fulfilling the promise of the thesis statement?
Is each body paragraph organized around a single, clear subtopic?
Is each body paragraph fully developed (avoiding short, stubby paragraphs)?
Does the essay adequately respond to the text you chose as your subject, using clear, correct terminology and effective summary?
Are there bridge sentences the first sentence of each new body paragraph connecting the subtopics clearly and helping readers flow smoothly through the paper?

Does the essay transition smoothly into the conclusion paragraph without using In conclusion?
Does the conclusion reemphasize but not merely restate the thesis and/or main ideas?
Does the conclusion bring a sense of closure to the essay (such that the essay truly ends rather than simply stops)?
Does the conclusion resonate (leave a lasting impression on readers)?
APA Format

Does the essay follow the conventions of APA style, though without using subheadings?
APA-style title page, with different header on title page than on remaining pages (with the running head an abbreviated version of the full title)?
APA-style abstract on page 2
12pt, TNR font, double-spaced, new paragraphs indented, etc.
APA-style references page at the end containing proper APA-style citations for the outside sources used.
Are proper APA-style in-text citations provided for any outside sources used within the essay, whether paraphrased or quoted?
If sources were used, do the in-text citations and reference list entries correspond clearly and exactly (i.e., for each different in-text citation, is there a clearly corresponding reference list entry, and for each reference list entry, is there at least one clearly corresponding in-text citation)?


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