new global challenges and opportunities 3

Complete all 3 parts of this assignment.

Step 1: Select at least 1 issue from each column in the first matrix below.




Multicultural society (racial, gender, and ethnic tensions)

Terrorism (domestic and foreign, War on Terror)

The housing bubble (subprime mortgages)

Gun control (state and federal)

U.S. military interventions (Balkans, middle east, Somalia)

U.S. economy (Great Recession and federal deficit)

Health care issues (Affordable Care Act, veteran’s healthcare)


Rising interest rates

Environment (climate change)

U.S. diplomatic relations (N. & S. Korea, China, Iran, Israel, Russia)

Global economy (trade relations, tariffs)

Research the issues you have selected.

Step 2: Complete the matrix below. List the 3 issues you selected. Include 2-3 sentences that discuss the opportunities and challenges with each issue. Add a reference for your material in the reference column.

Social/Political/Economic Issue




Step 3: Write a 350- to 525-word analysis explaining how the War on Terror transformed modern U.S. policy. Cite all unoriginal information in an APA-formatted reference list.


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