nrp 511 week 3 draft

NRP/511: Advanced Pathophysiology

Assignment Content

Part of your role as an NP is that of an educator, not only for our patients, but for our colleagues as well. The research you do for your individual presentation will require you to think critically, which will serve to reinforce your knowledge. The presentation component will allow you to disseminate your new knowledge to your classmates in this adult learning model.Create a 5-slide draft copy of your Disease Topic Presentation on the topic you selected in Week 1 in the form of a case study. Include the following elements:

Briefly describe the pathophysiology of the underlying disease entities.
Identify current guidelines that are associated with the disease using resources through Access®, the course textbook, or academic articles available in the University Library.
Describe the underlying symptoms in each case study using POLDCARTS. You must make up this information, but do so in a way that is consistent with the pathophysiology of the patient’s condition.
Describe the pathophysiological origin of the symptom or sign and its relationship to the disease entities. Include supporting evidence by using resources through Access®, the course textbook, or academic articles available in the University Library.

Format your presentation according to APA guidelines.Cite andreference all sources.Post a copy of your presentation in the feedback discussion forum in Week 4 Discussion Folder > Wk 4 Discussion 1 : Checkpoint 1: Disease Presentation Topic Draft [due Thur] andrespond to at least one other classmate’s presentation offering both positive and corrective feedback.Submit your draft presentation.Note: The draft submission of your presentation only includes completion of half the project. You will include the remaining components of the project in the checkpoint 2 assignment due in Week 6. The Disease Topic Presentations can be used as a study guide for the midterm and final exams.Resources

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