Nutrition Analysis Assignment – My Nursing Experts

By completing this assignment, you will be learning how to conduct a nutrition analysis on another individual, calculate their needs and provide nutrition advice. This assignment is divided into three parts: 1) you will complete an interview for a 2-day dietary recall using the unfilled charts found at the end of this handout 2) analyze/calculate the nutrient intake using 3) answer questions about the diet. You will turn in your 2 dietary recalls, answered questions, and the diet analysis reports in the Assignment Submission Folder.
Grading: The Nutrition Analysis Handout indicates how much each question is worth. Your grade on this assignment will be assessed on the following: Fully answering each question, meeting the minimum number of sentences, and showing all work when required. Students will also need to show their understanding of the material discussed in the textbook and relating information learned in the course to the assignment/activity. Students need to write in an academic, professional manner. Avoid using incomplete sentences, slang, texting language, symbols, etc.
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