Objective Argument

One of the distinguishing features in academic writing is that is informed by what is already known or research that has already been complete.  Academic writing allows the writer to engage with the research, rather than presenting a personal preference.  For this discussion, conduct research on a subject written with a bias tone that defines a “says who” and “so what” objectivity.

Bias Statements:

1) My son is texting constantly, which demonstrates that teenagers use cellphones more than they did in the past.

2) As an elementary teacher, I believe that fourth-grade boys are disruptive, while the girls are always trying to please.

3) I believe that cyber-security will be the number one crime in the United States before year 2025.

For each bias listed, present your argument in an objective way that avoids judgmental and personal language.  Remember to backup your arguments with sources and facts in order to give you credibility and a more objective tone.

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