Oceanography NYS Sea Level Rise Reports & Artificial Islands Assignment

Critical issues facing the New York Metropolitan Area Coasts:

In Block 3 we have examined many critical issues (NYS Sea Level Rise Report, Artificial Islands) NJ involving the future of the coast and its population centers. Pick two of these issues and examine them in DEPTH. Examples can be water quality, fish and shell fish resources as well as protecting the built environment among others and offshore development.

List each of the issues separately and make sure you designate the issue as critical in the short term, mid term or long term. Short term is defined as between 2018-2020, Mid term is to year 2050 and long term is year 2100. Within this analysis you must account for the economic, political, technical/engineering factors which go into your designation as q critical issue.

limited to 6 double spaced pages including end notes or sources.

MLA format, need citations

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