Only humans have theory of mind

The topic I chose was “Only humans have theory of mind”. (I want to refute this statement)
Support or refute this statement by presenting evidence from studies of captive and wild primates. Be sure to thoroughly explain the concept of theory of mind and how brain size and cognition may play a role in this debate.

Pick a topic from the list above and then create an annotated bibliography from the 5 primary, peer reviewed sources relating to that topic available on blackboard. This part of the assignment is meant
to give you a head start on your research for this paper and get you familiar with the literature.
Assignments should be typed and include the following:
1. Name
2. Topic of choice 
3. Argument you will be making relating to this topic (thesis statement).
This isnt a review paper, so you will have to make an argument. Since this is the
early stages of research into this topic, you may later change your argument as you
begin to write.
4. Five peer-reviewed sources and a summary of each
a. Cite each in full using the bibliographic format
b. Provide a one paragraph summary for each source
Describe what it is about, any important results, what argument the authors
are making, why these finding are important, and/ or what these results
mean in the context of your topic, etc.
Each entry should be 120-180 words long


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