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Exposure to Static Magnetic Field Stimulates Quorum Sensing Circuit in Luminescent Vibrio Strains ofJanuary 13, 2021

Short Answers (4 questions x 5 = 20): type your answers, each limited to 6 lines (NOT 6 sentences,approximately 100 word or less for each question) MUST DO #1-2 and choose 2 from 3-6Underline word below is the film name, you need to research the film a bit to write the questionsEveryone must do numbers 1-2.1. Explain how Big Shot’s Funeral makes fun of rampant commercialism in the following two (2) scenes: Tyler’s reincarnation as a black boy; an insane businessman defining who counts as a successful person. What is Feng Xiaogang’s position on commercialism (e.g., supportive, critical, or else)?2. Explain how 24 City perceives urban transformation in the following two (2) scenes: workers singing together in a large auditorium; Zhao Dao’s character in her Volkswagen beetle car in an empty lot. What is Jia Zhangke’s evaluation of socialist legacy (e.g., nostalgic, critical, or else)?Then choose two (2) others from numbers 3-6 that you did NOT discuss in your term paper.3. Describe how you interpret these two (2) details from Plunder of Peach and Plum: the child is abandoned at an orphanage; the old principal visits the imprisoned former student. What message does the film send by ending in a tragic note?4. Cite two (2) examples from It’s My Day Off to illustrate how the film emphasizes the importance of everyone helping each other. What reward does the model policeman get in the end and why is it important?5. Discuss the meanings of these two (2) details from Ermo: Ermo repeatedly sells her blood for money; Ermo dozes off while the TV screen shows nothing at night. What is the film’s judgment on Ermo’s success in postsocialist China?6. Explain your interpretation of these two (2) examples from Suzhou River: Mada and Mudan die in an accident; the videographer refuses to look for the disappeared Meimei. What is the director’s view of postsocialist Shanghai?
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