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Customer relationship management is important in any business. I am a local customer of Walmart as opposed to many of its competitors because I am able to purchase a variety of products at one time. Many of Walmart’s competitors sell some of the same products as Walmart. What keeps me going back to Walmart are the low prices and the price match guarantee. Walmart is becoming very popular due to the low prices and the wide range of products that the customers are able to purchase. I absolutely love the fact that I am able to purchase clothes, food and electronics all in one place.

This business measures quality by offering a variety of different products with different names. For instance recently I purchased a tablet for my daughter on 12/24/2017. After looking at several different tablets. I decided to purchase the Kurio Tab 2. My daughter loves this tablet and I love it as well. My daughter is able to play games, take pictures and surf the internet. It was the best tablet for her. I love the fact that it has preloaded with several games. It also has parental control that helps me control what my daughter watches.

Customer satisfaction is important no matter what type of product is being sold or what service is being provided. Walmart measures customers satisfaction by allowing customers to leave reviews on their website. When I have time I will leave a review about the Kurio Tab 2. I would highly recommend this tablet to others.

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