Phet light and sound wave simulation answer guide

NSET 110
Light and Sound Wave Simulation
Click on the “Wave Interference” simulator and click “Run Now”
A. Sound Wave Simulator
Click on the top tab that says sound.
Press the Particle button
            1)What happens when you press the particle button?
            2)What happens to the particles as you alter the frequency and amplitude?
Click show graph.
            3)What happens to the graph as frequency and amplitude are changed?
Click on grayscale.
            4) What happens when you rotate the view?
Turn the speaker off.
            5)What happens when you turn the speaker off?
Turn the speaker back on after all the particles become still.
Turn on the sound.
            6) What happens to the sound as you vary the frequency and amplitude?
Put the sliders for frequency and amplitude in the middle.
Add a barrier
            7) What happens if you add a barrier?
            8) What if you add two barriers?
Light Wave Simulator
Click the top tab that says “light”
Click “show graph” and “add detector”
Vary the amplitude

 What happens when you vary the amplitude?

   2. What happens if you put the amplitude at 0?
Change the color
            3) What happens to the wavelength and frequency as you change the color?
Add a slit.
Move the slit back and forth.
      5. What happens as the slit gets closer to the source.
     6. What happens as the slit gets further away from the source?
Change the Color
      7. What effect dose changing the color have?
Set the slit width at 1050 and the barrier location at 2950. Using the target on the detector compare the amplitudes on each side of the barrier.
      8)Describe what happens what happen directly behind the opening,
  8. Describe what happens behind the barrier?
Click “Show Screen” and “Intensity Graph.”
Interpret and discuss what you think these represent and are showing?
Using the information you have observed lost your observations and conclusions.
How do you think altering factors like wavelength and frequency affect they way we see and hear?
How does this help us understand how things like lenses and walls alter the way we see certain lights and hear certain sounds?

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