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Problem B:  Calorie Counter (calories.c) (20 points)In order to be successful, UCF needs to provide its tourists with helpful features that Disney and Universal don’t have. Since people are more health conscious these days, UCF has decided that each park visitor will receive a calorimeter, which will gauge his/her net calorie gain or loss during the day.The secret of course is that this device isn’t perfect. It doesn’t ACTUALLY measure the number of calories you burn or the number of calories you ingest. Instead, it makes four assumptions:1) When walking, you burn 5 calories/minute.2) When standing in line, you burn 2 calories/minute.3) When you are consuming solid food, you ingest 40 calories/minute.4) When you are consuming a drink, you ingest 20 calories/minute.The calorimeter is “smart enough” to know which of the four activities you are engaging in at any point in time, and at the end of the day, compiles a tally of how many minutes you spent doing each of these four activities. Write a program that takes these four values as input and outputs the pounds lost (we want a positive message for our clients). If the user has gained weight, print out a negative number for weight lost. Note, use the following constants for this problem:#define WALK_CAL 5#define STAND_CAL 2#define DRINK_CAL 20#define FOOD_CAL 40#define CALS_PER_POUND 3500Input Specification1. All four values will be non-negative integers less than 720, representing the number of minutes spent for each of the four activities.Output SpecificationWhen weight is lost, output a single line of the following format telling the user how many pounds they lost, rounded to 3 decimal places.You lost X.XXX pounds today!If weight is gained, output a single line of the following format, print out the weight change as a negative number rounded to 3 decimal places.Weight lost is -X.XXX pounds.
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