philosophy simple 10 15 sentences discussion post

Discussion Topic

The interaction between metaphysics and ethics

Please do the following three things.

  • First, think of a modern practice as morally objectionable as human sacrifice?
    • If you cannot think of one yourself, look at the list below.
  • Second, answer how is this practice linked to our metaphysical views?
  • Third, look at two students answer to the above question, and respond to those responses.
    • Please remember to be polite and nice.

Morally questionable practices

  1. Various genocides
    1. The Holocaust
    2. Genocide of Native Americans
    3. The Armenian Genocide
  2. Slavery
  3. Various hate groups
    1. KKK
    2. Neo-Nazis
    3. White Nationalist
  4. I am sure you can think of one…


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