Read Case 9.2: Testing for Honesty( see attached file for the case article) . Once you have read this case study, answer the following questions: Are tests such as those described in the chapter and in the case study useful? Are they fair? Write it just for 1 or 2 paragraph.

and response two others discussion as sentences

#1 I think that some of the test mention in the chapter and case study are fair and some are not. The polygraph tests are unfair because they can cause someone to lose out on a job opportunity due to inaccuracy. It is not 100% certain that the machine really works every time which means that mistakes can be made. These tests can also infringe on employee privacy by asking personal questions that do not have anything to do with the job itself. Another example is the tests that Rent-A-Center gave out. These are also unfair because they could be used to fire employees based on discrimination. Asking about sexual orientation or religious beliefs is a violation of privacy and also illegal. However, I do think that written honesty tests can beuseful fair if they respect the rights of employees and only have questions that deal with the job opportunity. This could give employers a deeper look a possible employee’s behavior without asking them questions that are too personal. These tests can be used to more easily filter out people who are not fit for the job.

#2 The honesty tests, polygraph tests, and true or false questioners would be considered useful when trying to screen employees. However, I feel like such test should be applied to higher up positions in an industry where it matters; such as investment, banking and criminal justice. in terms of of the tests are fair not; i feel like the tests are fair as long as the questions strictly pertain to the job and not ones personal life. I do not think the tests should be optional. If one refuses a test, the applicant would be overlooked just as if they failed the test. If the applicant seeking a position where the test is required i feel as it should not be optional.


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