Promotion Program Planning And Evaluation

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Draft Introduction & Needs Assessment Section with references (CLO 4; PLO 4)
Working with your group, write up and submit an introduction and needs assessment, including APA 6th edition in-text citations and references. Include page numbers in your draft. Please follow the Signature Assignment Paper Guidelines & Exemplar for complete format and content. Please see rubric for more information on grading.
This is my plan ,TOBACCO PREVENTION AND CONTROL PROGRAM, Goal,Reduce the incidence of lung cancer in adult residence of San Diego.Improve health of the adult users in San Diego by reducing the tobacco use.
For PRIMARY DATA leave it blank I will do this part.
follow the structure please,

Signature Assignment Paper Guidelines.docx – Word Document (81.6 KB)
SIG ASSIG INTRO & NEEDS ASS- EXEMPLAR.docx – Word Document (28.5 KB)

Submit MS Word or PDF file.
Content Summary

Health problem
Target population (e.g., Who is the health problem affecting? Where do they live?)
Needs assessment – Use the rubric PLO #4 & CLO #4 sections (e.g., Phases 1-3 of PRECEDE – PROCEED)

Data collection
Data analysis
Risk factors


Use your required textbook (e.g., Ch 4) and weblinks at the end of each chapter
Use national, state, and local data resources
Schedule a Consultation with a Librarian to Find Academic and Scholarly Publications
Use National University’s Library System to search for relevant peer-reviewed journal articles
Use APA resources to avoid plagiarism, go to:
Schedule an appointment with the Writing Center to review APA in-text citations and references

COH 380 SIG ASSIG INTRO & NEEDS ASSESS RUBRIC.docx – Word Document (80.5 KB)
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