public service announcement about preparing diabetes patient for hurricane 1

Applying the principles of risk communication and what you have learned from your readings, choose a topic to create a PSA about. Identify the goal of your message. Identify the audience and the language. Create a PSA using whatever medium you are able to do it in. Is it a script to be read by a radio announcer? An audio clip or video clip? Print ad? This can take many forms but needs to follow the principles of risk communication.
refer to these rubrics for guidance
It should be some thing like the attachment
the PSA will be about preparing diabetes community living in tallahassee florida for the next hurricane season. It should be a Short video clip, Put you are going write the script of that no need to record the video.
The role of the massage should be like this 27 words, 3 massages, the fist and the last one is the most important ones.
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