Quality and Reliability Eng – Fundamentals of Probability

Fundamentals of Probability

11. A basket contains 34 heads of lettuce, 5 of which are spoiled. If a sample of 2 is drawn and not replaced, what is the probability that both will be spoiled?

13. A small model-airplane motor has four starting components: key, battery, wire, and glow plug. What is the probability that the system will work if the probability that each component will work is as follows: key (0.998), battery (0.997), wire (0.999), and plug (0.995)?

34. Using the binomial distribution, find the probability of obtaining 2 or less nonconforming restaurants in a sample of 9 when the lot is 15% nonconforming.

42. A sample of 3 medicine bottles is taken from an injection molding machine that is 10% nonconforming. What is the probability of 1 nonconforming medicine bottle in the sample?

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