Racial Profiing

In a literature review, you will:
1.    Identify the most relevant research on your topic
2.    Summarize the research
3.    Evaluate the research
4.    Show how the research addresses the overall topic
5.    Identify any gaps in the research

Assignment Guidelines:
1.    Write a literature review according to the assignment guidelines
2.    Min of 10 pages
3.    Min of 20 peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles, government publications, or articles from peer-reviewed trade journals
4.    APA format
5.    You must use headings/subheadings to divide the sections of your paper
6.    Review this document on writing the literature review for this course.
7.    Format your paper with the following:
a.    Title page
b.    Abstract
c.    Introduction, body, conclusion
d.    Reference page

I know the instructions say 10 pages and I requested 5 pages but, I am trying to understand how this is supposed to look and be formatted. (ie. format, how to arrange topics, intro, body, conclusion, etc.) I am looking for a good example that follows these instructions so, i know what to do on my own paper for this topic. I attached an annotated bibliography that I submitted on my topic with sources.


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