read and answer be brief

see the attachments for the case

Read the case at the end of Chapter 4 in your text and answer the following questions-be brief-


Q1: Will China maintain its strong economic growth in years to come? Some suggest it will until 2050. What do you think?

Q2: If China will go from 17 million to 190 million middle-income people by the year 2020, would the scenario presented Best Buy in 2006 not be applicable anymore? That is, the culture shock in 2006 was that the Chinese would not pay for Best Buy’s overly expensive products unless they are a brand like Apple. Would newly rich Chinese customer engage in this purchasing behavior by 2020?

Q3: With Alibaba’s ownership of the popular TaoBao online shopping system (similar to eBay and Amazon) and its spread across the world, will a Western-based online shopping culture ultimately infiltrate China?

Q4: Reflect on the changes in China. Can the country continue to be a manufacturing floor for the rest of the world as more Chinese move up in their income categories? What are the implications of the country’s incredible growth?

Q5: What can other companies that are considering investing in China learn from the experiences of Best Buy and eBay?


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