Real Estate Research

the assignment is about research and evaluate a site that I will provide it to you if you agree. The questions are:

Where is the project located? Describe and show this. Include maps that show regional context all the way to the very local context. Note: all maps and graphics should be easily readable and legible when printed in black and white. Be very wary of Google Maps as it these maps often do not render well.

What are the strengths, weaknesses or synergies of this location?

Describe the neighborhood and what is built or planned near the site.

How is the site designated in the current community or general plan or specific plan? What does this designation mean in terms of amount of square footage that can be developed? Discuss some examples of projects that are consistent with this designation.

Discuss two objectives in the community/general plan that the project supports.

Other than city zoning code, what other code or requirements is the project subject to?

How is the current site zoned?

What land use incentives are possible for the site? Increased density? Increased FAR? What are the requirements of these incentives?

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