reflect on the connection between knowledge or concepts from the courses

You have to write two reflections/articles each of length 300 words on two different Subjects reflecting on the connection between knowledge or concepts from the courses I have taken in current sem and how those have been or could be applied in the workplace. . Below are subjects I have taken in current sem

Subject 1) Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery Planning:

Brief description: The course examines the preservation of business activities when faced with disruptions or disasters. It involves the processes that are used to create a business continuity and disaster recovery plan and strategies for critical resource recovery.

Subject 2) Physical security:

Brief Description: The course examines risks, threats, and countermeasures to secure data, personnel and hardware. This involves facility creation and selection concerns, facility access control methods, and safety issues.

Course Objectives:

1) Recognize basic threats to an organization’s physical security and identify the security mechanisms used in securing an enterprise environment.

2) Identify the security mechanisms and strategies used to protect the perimeter of a facility.

3) Identify the appropriate physical security mechanisms to implement in a given scenario.

4) Identify the appropriate mechanisms and controls for securing the inside of a building or facility.

5) Select the most appropriate intrusion detection technology for a scenario.

About me: I am currently working as a Software developer at XXXXXX company. This company is one of the biggest transportation company in United States. As part of our Enterprise Data Warehouse development team, we get different forms of data like the power unit details, equipment details, locations, terminals and different driver details. I work in encryption and decryption of data when pulling the data from various sources and loading them to different Databases.


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