Reflection of Optimatics Case Study

Read through the case. Make sure to read the introduction, background, and the case in its entirety.
Compose a well-written reflection addressing your thoughts on the Optimatics Case Study.
You may use the following questions as prompts for your reflection:

Where does the balance lie between creating a safe and trusting work environment where the interests of the employee are central, and one where the rights and assets of the company and its clients are paramount?
Should Sams employment be terminated? Why or why not? List considerations for both actions.
When employees see ethical issues in a different way, how should they work together to effectively solve the issue?
What are the reasonable expectations of privacy in the workplace?
Compose a well-thought-out reflection of the case in its entirety, addressing your concerns with the situation, your responses to the questions above, and a proposed solution.
Criteria for Success: Knowing the guidelines for employer privacy is important in analyzing this case. Use the following link for additional reading/law on workplace privacy.


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