regulation of nursing practice

  • DN733-3: Evaluate models of practice leadership within organizations, clinical settings, and populations that affect change or implementation of health care policy.


    1. Interview two individuals who affect the regulation of nursing practice and the delivery of health care services in your community or state. For example, you might select an administrator at a health care facility and a nurse from your state board of nursing. Your interview questions must contain the following items (you may ask additional questions of your choosing to help you complete this Assignment):
    1. How does your organization influence the regulation of nursing practice and the delivery of health care services?
    2. What is nursing’s role in developing policies that regulate nursing practice in your organization?
    3. How is your organization influenced by the regulation of nursing practice and the delivery of health care services?
    4. How did you become involved in policy development?
    5. What is your most important policy accomplishment?
    6. What leadership characteristics are essential to advance the work of policy development in your organization?
    1. You will write a reflective essay, no less than 6 pages, (excluding the title and reference pages) including:
    1. Analysis of the interviewees’ responses relative to a supportive environment for policy development in the healthcare environment.
    2. Evaluate leadership models or frameworks that support change or healthcare policy implementation.

Remember, your response must analyze each situation from your perspective and contain supporting rationales for your ideas.

These are the 2 individuals:

Administrator of health care facilities: you can use anything related to the state of Florida.

Nurse Practitioner: Please utilize the new bill for Nurse Practitioner full practice authority in the state of Florida.…

Attached grading rubric


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