REPLY TO EACH OF THE BELOW  FORUMS IN 100-115 WORDS in 1 hour EACH FORUM SHOULD HAVE A REPLYthree gorges damFORUM 1. The Three Gorges Dam is located on the Yangtze River between at the end of three major gorges. These gorges are the following Xiling, Wu, and the Qutang. (CampbellHyde, “Environmental and Social Issues of the Three Gorges Dam in China.”) They are made from limestone cliffs and are surrounded by some of the richest fishing spots. The dam area stretches about 1.2 miles across this does not include the reservoir in which the water sits. The dam’s height is 656.17 feet high and holds back 372.82 miles of water. (Gleick, “Three Gorges Dam Project, Yangtze”, 2013). When the dam was created, it supposes to help regulate the flow of the river. The project of the Three Gorges dam began in 1997 and did not end until 2009. The dam was made to be beneficial to the area and make the area a better place to live in. When the construction of the dam started, they had to relocate at least one million people in which most them had been farming or fishing on the banks of the river for as long as their families could remember. (Chinese Digital Times, “The Three Gorges Dam and the Drought in Dongting Lake “, 2009) When they displaced people, most of them did not have another way of being able to support themselves or their families. The dam has also causes many droughts to the lower end of the gorges, this has created people not being able to make money or eat. Without water then people cannot grow crops or even catch fish that they would eat or sell on the market. The dam also catches trash from up river, which leads to it getting clog meaning it does not work. When it does not work, water cannot be let out to flow that means none goes down river to provide electricity and the capability to get food. When the dam was thought of it was a good intention to help with the flooding and to provide electricity to the people around it. This was a good thing for a while but it turned out to make a mess.-Row2. The Three Gorges Dam is much more than what some say it is. This colossal stands at over six hundred feet high and it is one and a half mile long. The dam is to be measured five time more than the Hoover dam and cost about twenty-four billion dollars. The Three Gorges Dam is located on the Yangzi River and the Chinese named the dam after a series of canyons known as the Three Gorges. The dam is located in the Hubei Province, China and when the Chinese government started building the dam they had four main goals for its purpose. The first goal was flood control. Throughout history the Yangtze River has a very well-known reputation for going over its banks and killing thousands of people and causing millions of dollars in damage. The second goal was to generate power. China has been depending on coal for much of its existence and now with the dam producing 84.6 billion kilowatts of power china will not have to rely in coal as much. Navigation is the third reason and since the dam created enough room for large ships to go up and down river this makes the poverty for Chongqing to rise substantially now that ships can you the dam’s ship locks to transport goods. Tourism is the last goal china achieved like they said. Since the dam is the largest in the world it is probable to bring tourist from all over the world. I think China made a great choice in building the dam. They have brought not only profit to their country but also had to borrow money from lots of other countries but I think the dam will pay for itself in the future.-colEXAMPLE: Interesting post, What do you think about the erosion and sedimentation for the dam itself? I think that the dam hold to many cons to outweigh the good. Sure the dam is producing a exorbitant amount of energy. The energy that could supply millions of people of power. But by moving it up stream, I don’t think would make much of a difference. The land around the water of the Yangtze would still be subject to flooding due to the river bed rising. The erosion has also taken its toll to the area. The amount of landside that were created by the dam has significantly increased. Thanks for your post!The post REPLY TO EACH OF THE BELOW FORUMS IN 100-115 WORDS in 1 hour EACH FORUM SHOULD HAVE A REPLY three gorges dam FORUM 1 . first appeared on Nursing Term Paper Help.  “Is this question part of your assignment? We Can Help!”

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