Research paper anthropology

The instructions my profesor gave me are as follows (reach me so I can give you access to the courses online textbook): In 8-10 pages, double spaced, you will discuss the impact of religion upon culture and society. That is, using the material covered in this class plus your individual research, you will write how the beliefs and practices associated with a particular religion affect a particular culture. It is advisable that you limit the scope of your research to perhaps aspects of a religion and a sub-culture within a country. However, this doesn’t mean that if your feel capable writing about Protestantism and America that you shouldn’t do so (Think of Max Weber’s The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism). But it would be more advisable to choose a project with a more limited scope. For example: Santeria and Cuban youth in Miami; Neo-paganism and New Age practitioners in Bogota; Neo-Pentecostals and Brazilian politics, etc. In this work you are expected to engage with theory (chapter 1) and apply some of the concepts we have covered in class. In addition to the Stein and Stein textbook, you should cite at last three additional sources including books, articles published in scholarly journals, etc. (Wikipedia is not an option). Choose a religion you are familiar with if you wish or else a situation that you feel passionate about and captures your imagination. You will be graded on the ability to integrate concepts and examples from the readings, lectures, videos as well as for the paper’s content, organization and quality of writing the topic I chose is as follows: the impact of the catholic Church on the indigenous during the colonial time. narrow that to only one group of Indians and describe how their society responded: adaptation, resistance and how their ways of being potentially changed. try to see what text book chapters are relevant to the work as well


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