Describe how the supervisor should state minimum job requirements when he or she requests new employees to be hired into the department.
June 21, 2017
Write a essay about metropolitan museum of art in new york
June 21, 2017

RESEARCH PROJECT (Individual PowerPoint Presentation):
Project Information:

  • Select a legal topic where the law is applied to a business situation (i.e., employment law, antitrust, intellectual property, etc.).


  • Provide background content regarding the situation, including the company(ies).


  • Explain the legal issue and its relevance outside of this case.


  • Discuss what could have been done to prevent legal intervention. What options were available to the parties?


  • What are the major takeaways from this project?


  • Provide recommendations.


  • Include a conclusion.


  • Must have a referenced page with at least 10 reputable sources.


  • Ensure all work is original.


  • Include speaker’s notes to augment delivery.


  • Final deliverable is a PowerPoint presentation.


  • Deliverable is a 10-15minute (maximum 20-slides) Presentation.


  • Citation -Plagiarism will not be tolerated and will be penalized by a zero for the project. Make sure you cite ALL references used including any ideas, concepts, and illustrations



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