risk in change management


The intent of this assignment is to engage the team in a discussion on risk in change management. Using a risk matrix, the team should identify real project risks, and make suggestions on how they can be minimized to facilitate a successful change. This assignment provides an opportunity for each team member to work on one or two specific risks and become an internal ‘expert’ on the subject.

The Role of Risk in Change Management (Team Assignment)

Resources: “Identifying Project Risks” video & Matrix and Response Template

Identify a project that is in the works (or has been completed) for one of your own organizations (or one that can be researched).

Develop a qualitative 3×3 risk matrix and a risk-response plan for the risks identified using the template provided. (Download and save as your Team. Example: Team A)

Identify Six Risks – My part is to identify three of the six risks. Two for each level.


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