SA Final

   Topic: Heroin usage in teenagers (6 pages)  
  1. Introduction  A concise overview of your topic which integrates the literature. This section should provide a vivid snapshot of the aspect of substance use that you are focusing on and ends with your particular stance regarding the issue. The introduction should be very clear and to the point.  
  2. An analysis of your topic which includes a thorough review of the literature. This section should be a critical analysis of the literature and research and the formulation of your perspective based on the literature and research. A review of the literature and varying perspectives (at least 2 different points of view or theoretical lenses) on the topic you have chosen; Any current research (quantitative and qualitative) relevant to your topic; Brief formulation of your perspective on the particular area of substance use you have chosen.  
  3. Discussion which includes the following components: Strengths and challenges of current approaches to the issue/topic of your paper.  
  4. Summary The summary includes a very concise summation of your paper and which leads to a brief, dynamic discussion on the relevance/contribution of your topic to the field of substance abuse. The paper should conclude with recommendations for next steps in addressing the issues raised in your paper 
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