Schnel Rose

Question 1

You are employed to a software firm and is assigned to work on coding of the menu section of a library software. Create a structure containing book information such as accession number, name of author, book title and ensure that the software has the capability to flag to determine whether a book was issued or not to a member of the library.
You are therefore required to create a menu in which the following are critical to its functionalities.
    Display book information
    Add a new book
    Display all the books in the library of a particular author
    Display the number of books of a particular title
    Display the total number of books in the library
    Issue a book
N.B. (If we issue a book, then its number gets decreased by 1 and if we add a book, its number gets increased by 1)
                                        [20 marks]

Question 2

You are required to write a C program which will incorporate the concept of functions:
    Declare two one dimensional arrays
    Accept elements to the array via the keyboard
    Add the elements of both stored arrays
    Subtract the elements of both stored arrays                  [16 marks]

Question 3

Create a C program to complete the following task once a number has been accepted from a user:
i.    Determine the factors of the number entered.
ii.    If a factor of a number is a prime a number then it is its prime factor. Identify the factors that are prime factors.
iii.    Display all results to the screen
[16 marks]

Question 4

Write a C program to swap two integer numbers using the concepts of pointers. Use a function called swap () which takes two pointer type arguments and swap them within the body of the function.
                                            [16 marks]


Question 5

Write a program to check if the two strings entered by user are anagrams or not. Two words are said to be anagrams if the letters of one word can be rearranged to form the other word. For example, jaxa and ajax are anagrams of each other.
                                            [16 marks]

Question 6

Write a C program to display the shapes below.

*    * * * *    
*    * * *
*    * * 
*    *
——————————————- 1
2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9 10
                                            [16 marks]


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