short story critical essay a rose for emily by william faulkner 1

Essay length:
Two and half or three keyboard pages, plus a work cited page with at least 4 sources. You can download from the internet for the story.
“A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner
Analyze one of its fictional techniques, also known as elements of fiction, that author uses to develop it. They are as follows:
1. Major character
2. Symbol
3. Theme
Locate at least three (3) sources about the story. At least one about the author, one about the story, and one about the fictional technique you will focus on in your critical essay.
Write your introduction. Give background about the author, the short story, and explain the fictional technique you are focusing on in your essay. State your thesis/claim.
Develop body paragraph by analyzing one of the fictional techniques used to develop the story. Include your critical sources to support your points.
Conclude by evaluating the effectiveness of the story according to your thesis(claim).
Introduce, that is signal, your sources and use in-text citations. Use short quotations and summaries. The “work cited” page will contain at least three (3) secondary sources and one (1) primary source, that is, the short story you are analyzing.
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