Since learning paths are meaningful to the employee is there a correlation with intrinsic motivation of the employee?

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The quote by Joseph Kessels “You cannot be smart against your will” resonates with anyone that is purposeful with learning. 

As DBA students, on some level, you are pursuing your doctorate for the fundamental purpose of learning and achieving the highest level of education in the field of management. 

If knowledge is essential to your core, then adding quality learning and development into an organizations culture would be imperative.

If you read the editorial by Poell (2012), he introduces the concept of the Learning Network Theory. 

The Learning Network Theory that Poell (2012) discusses describes that employees create their own “learning paths.” 

The concept of a learning path refers to a set of learning-relevant activities that are both coherent as a whole and meaningful to the employee (Poell & Van der Krogt, 2010).

           The concept of learning paths is stated at a high level to give freedom of direction with the questions.

The questions I propose to everyone are:

What are some ways that an      employee can create learning paths? Is international different?What impact does technology have      on learning paths? (Hint: think back to Cindy’s topic last week)Since      learning paths are meaningful to the employee is there a correlation with      intrinsic motivation of the employee?

Poell, R. F., & Van der Krogt, F. J. (2010). Individual learning paths of employees in the context of social networks. In Learning through practice (pp. 197-221). Springer, Dordrecht.

Poell, R. (2012). The future of Human Resource Development International, 15(1), 1-3. doi:10.1080/13678868.2011.650979human resource development: From a management tool to an employee tool as well. 

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