Sirius XM Radio

Week 8: Assignments

  • Major Project

    Submit 2,000-word written case analysis of Case #4 “Sirius XM” in accordance with principles of written case analysis as outlined in instructional document “Guide to Case Analysis”; be sure to follow the rubric found below. Upload major project paper on Bb through Safe Assign. Word count does not include charts, graphs, or supporting appendices.
    Case analysis rubricAs a standard format for you to use, let me suggest the following steps to perform when evaluating a case:

    1. Problem Statement – Defining the issue(s) and establish the all the pertinent facts in the case
    2. Determine the Root Cause(s) of the Problem-How it arose, how it got to this point. This is where the analysis starts.
    3. Generating alternative solutions: what might be some ways to resolve the problems identified? Propose some alternative solutions and analyzing and evaluate these alternatives.
    4. Identify the choice – which solution best solves the problem and why (provide some rationale).
    5. Develop an action plan to /implement your proposed solution: what will it look like to implement the solution, and what steps should be taken?

    Due Saturday by 11:59 PM.


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