Social Work Assessment Paper

Students will complete an assessment of a client from internship following these steps. If a student does not have a client they should ask a friend (Not a co-worker, family member, or significant other) to answer the questions below.1.         A theoretical orientation of the student’s choice, which will influence the assessment of a particular case (individual or family).2.         As part of the assessment, the paper should include an ecomap and genogram.3.         This case description will include explanations of the impact of ethnicity, race, gender, aging and social class. (Short/mini psychosocial).4.         A description of the role of social work values and ethics in relationship to this particular case.5.         An explanation of the ecological perspective (person in environment) and how it defines this case.6.         An application of the problem-solving process using an empowerment and strengths perspective to this case.7.         A discussion of theory and its impact on the case.8.         A discussion of issues regarding populations at risk and human rights.9.         References from the literature to support the theory base for both assessment and intervention.10.       References from the literature to support the issues of values and ethics in social work practice.11.       References from the literature to support the incorporation of issues related to  human rights and social justice.


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