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Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: Creative Thinking and Enthusiasm in Business School. Admission Essay for Business School I have been planning to enter Bentley for the last three years. I have searched for a Business School which provides students with opportunities to learn and apply their knowledge and skills, proposes student advanced curriculum combined with a liberal arts education. I see Bentley as one of the best Business School because of its high ethical standards and leadership programs crucial for modern business. I am a career-oriented person with strong leadership skills and great desire to become a real professional in my field. I suppose that Business School will help me to master leadership and management knowledge and develop my personal skills. I have chosen this Business School because it is a unique institution which provides students with practical skills so important in modern business. I find that Bentley has a unique leadership focus which allows to them to prepare really good managers (and all successful businesses have them) capable of having, or recognizing, good ideas and using them to make things happen in a new way: of translating ideas into useful, practicable and commercial products, services or systems. Modern business cannot exist without innovation and Bentley integrates new approaches of business into its curriculum. At Bentley, innovation draws together new ideas and their implementation, whereas creativity is the having of new ideas which, in an organization, are generated or spotted by individuals or teams. I am opining to enter Bentley because it encourages creativity in people (including oneself) by exploring some of the qualities and characteristics of creative thinkers and the activities/steps that can be undertaken to improve the processes involved. In innovation it must be remembered that creative thinking makes it possible and teamwork makes it happen.I am eager to improve my leadership skills and become an expert in this field. I see training and education as the main methods to improve myself and increase productivity. A number of those whose fundamental interests are in leadership effectiveness and training feel that progress would be facilitated by greater attention to underlying specific behavioral processes. I suppose that modern organizations need to go beyond traditional task and socio-emotional categories of behavior. this should be in the direction of identifying the basic building blocks of interactions. I am a hard-working student who spends much time working on my personal development and self-improvements. For a long period of time, I like basketball and travel: baseball helps me to feel a team spirit and travel inspires my desire to master new knowledge and see new places. I have worked as a volunteer and know that communication and good management skills are crucial for every manager. From my own experience I know that it is not always easy to manage the creative and innovative aspects of teamwork, where individuals ideally need to share the values, characteristics and interests of the other team members, to work with them in harmony and yet have something different to offer. My experience as volunteer shows that managers who are creative and act in innovation-friendly ways have not only the usual leadership skills (of defining objectives, planning, controlling, supporting and reviewing in the areas of task, team and individual needs) but also are able to work with half-formed ideas. I admitted to Bentley, I will bring to the Business School creative thinking and enthusiasm, ethical and moral principles and innovative ideas. I am proud to become a student of Bentley became it is an ideal place to master new knowledge and skills and become an expert in the business world. My future and career depends on my education opportunities and programs so I have chosen Bentley because it is an ideal place for me to develop and improve my communication and management skills.
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