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Justification Recommendation report
You are an employee of a mid-sized advertising company named Everest. Your company is in the enviable position of having secured the advertising contract for an international music festival that will take place in your city. The problem is you can’t seem to keep your employees around long enough to ensure continuity within projects. It seems as though the advertising business is a revolving door. New college and university grads are eager to work for you, but six months later, once you have trained them, they leave for more lucrative jobs at other agencies. Your CEO is too busy to figure out a solution, so he has asked your Research Manager to write him a report on some possible solutions.
Your task – As the Research Manager at Everest, research and write a recommendation report in the letter format for your boss outlining some possible solutions to the revolving door problem. You can invent a name for your boss. Be careful of recommending very expensive solutions as your boss is well known for being thrifty.

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